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I welcome you to Persistent Faith Ministries (PFM) where quitting is not an option. God wants you to follow through to the end with victory. Luke 18:8 says, when the Son of Man returns to earth, will He find persistence in faith upon the earth? Persistent Faith is God's message for the church today, relevant to the nations for such a time as this..

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3 Reasons Why People Don’t Go to Church (And How to Fix It)

churchissuesMany people have left the church because they see it as a place filled with lies, deceit and holier-than-thou attitudes.

1. You will meet people who are completely sold out to Christ but don’t go to church because they say “they can’t stand the fake lives, false attitudes or display of fake love.”

I invited a neighbor one day to church and her response was, “Oh no! I don’t do church. No way!” When someone talks like that you know that she must have undergone something terrible that pushed her away from church. We are supposed to love people, welcome folks with open arms just like Christ would do, not push people away.

How can the church – the body of Christ be perceived as a fraud and how can we change this? It starts from the top – leadership.

2. Some people don’t go to church because they just haven’t been invited.
It was in my twenties that I realized that it’s so easy to think everyone was raised like you. I grew up in a Christian home [was raised Catholic] and somehow I just thought everyone knew about Jesus Christ even though not all served or worshipped Him. I was totally wrong!

When God brought the opportunity for me to have a consulting gig in Denmark many years ago, in conversations with people I learned that there were many who had just heard about the Savior for the first time. I thought that only happened in remote areas, boondocks, places where modern explorers haven’t reached. This was Europe!

Then I asked how they finally found out. One person said he was in a psych ward on admission from a suicide attempt and someone came and told him how much Jesus loved him and it wasn’t his plan for him to take his life. He cried that nobody loved him and he wouldn’t be missed if he left this world.

Again, he was told that Jesus loves Him and he should never think that he’s alone in this world. Then he was invited to fellowship and that’s how he found out about Jesus. The rest is history.

The young man became born again and each time I saw him he would say to me in the little English he knew: “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever.”

I was so blessed by this encounter because it opened my eyes. I wasn’t a pastor at the time. I was working as a tech professional but at the same time writing my devotionals and whatever the Holy Spirit laid in my heart. It was an interesting experience that I will never forget.

3. Many Christians think it’s the pastor’s job alone to talk about Jesus.
Wrong. At our church, I don’t hesitate to tell our congregants to be a witness for Christ and share their testimonies “that a change of hearts and lives and forgiveness of sins would be preached in his name to all nations” (Luke 24:47 NCV).

We are to be light to other people and not hide the power and redemption that we have received through Christ Jesus. Whatever we do, we do it with love and not bang people on the head with our Bible or tell them how terrible they are. They know already.

So how do we talk about this JESUS who sets people free?

  • People want you to show them the way out.
  • Start with love.
  • Listen to them.
  • Share your story.
  • Talk about how Christ delivered you from impending doom.
  • Talk about how messed up you were until you gave your life to Christ.
  • Talk about what your life was like before you decided to properly know God.
  • Talk about how God saved your child.

If we act like we aren’t human and don’t make mistakes, people will place you on a pedestal and if you dare make a mistake, you will discover that the same people who “revered” you will not hesitate take sides to ruin your life.

So, just like me, you definitely have something to say. Share it but no need to be argumentative to get your point across. If you are like me, I tune out arrogance as soon as it begins. If you use such attitude to talk about the gentle Spirit and Great Comforter, your listener will tune out too! Who says Jesus Christ needs a defense? Not at all. His power to resurrect and restore speaks for Him.

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