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I welcome you to Persistent Faith Ministries (PFM) where quitting is not an option. God wants you to follow through to the end with victory. Luke 18:8 says, when the Son of Man returns to earth, will He find persistence in faith upon the earth? Persistent Faith is God's message for the church today, relevant to the nations for such a time as this..

Today’s Featured Word

Don’t Worship Your Pastor

don't worship your pastorI cannot help but ask this question: what would Jesus think about how you see your pastor?

The Gospel we preach, the messages we share are about Jesus. The truth we seek, the solutions we crave are in the Word. Pay attention: Don’t worship your pastor but God.

It is the Lord who transforms, not your pastor. It is the Lord who elevates, not your pastor. It is the Lord who gives us the power to get wealth. It is the Word that renews your mind, not your pastor.

God uses men and women as vessels to deliver His messages, teach and equip with power for impact. You need Jesus, not your pastor. Pastors guide you, equip, point in the right direction but salvation comes from the Lord.

Worship the Lord, not a human being. Pastors are human beings too with issues [and when there are issues, expect some flaws].

CRAVE THE WORD. “There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

If today was your last day on earth or you were in an “URGENT” situation, would you say “Pastor Z save me?” I know you would scream “JESUS, save me!” Were you baptized in the name of pastor Z or the name of Jesus Christ? Who died for our sins?

Let’s not throw darts at the Cross – desire to know more about what the Lord wants. Stand on His promises and SPEAK them into your life.

Freedom comes from Jesus Christ, not your pastor, and the decision to be free comes from you.

Yes, RESPECT leadership, the anointing and give honor to whom honor is due but REMEMBER: “We are humans just like you. Please give up all this foolishness. Turn to the living God, who made the sky, the earth, the sea, and everything in them” (Acts 14:15 CEV).

The message of the Cross is simple and a life saver. Enough already – let’s walk the talk, take others along and create a ripple effect.

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