Rev. Belinda Enoma

revbWelcome to Persistent Faith Ministries International!

Recently the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to post the Daily Devotionals that I email to subscribers around the world on this website. I realized that there are many people out there who need a fresh Word from God and keeping it in mailboxes or just posting on Facebook alone was similar to, in plain terms, “seeing people in danger and leaving them there to perish.” So, here we are!

I am a testimony of God’s upholding right hand. I am just an ordinary girl who surrendered everything to the Lord and asked Him to use her for His glory.

When I started writing devotionals in 2001, I didn’t know that one day I’d be ministering to thousands worldwide. God is no respecter of persons and He will use anyone with a willing heart. I know and have seen that once believers truly know and understand the mighty saving power of Jesus Christ and are built up, the passion to do the things of Christ is placed in their hearts and all they want to do is talk about Jesus. The love for Jesus becomes contagious and they share with everyone including the community, work colleagues, friends and family. Hence, more souls are added to the kingdom of God.

In 2008, I asked the Lord to name the ministry and the Holy Spirit led me to Mark 5:25-34 and Luke 18:1-8. After reading those Scriptures, it was confirmed and “Persistent Faith” was born. We didn’t know what was ahead but God did and gave us the answer to waiting on Him before the drought came. Persistent faith pays off. No matter what life throws at you, what mess you have come from, how long it takes for the vision to be realized in your life or for you to have an answer from God, if you just hold on and trust Him, He will show up and more than likely, show out! And that’s what He has done with us. Praise God.

As you read through, may the Lord impart to you more wisdom, knowledge and power in Jesus name.

About Rev. Belinda

Rev. Belinda has been featured on internationally syndicated television and radio networks including TBN and LeSea Broadcasting Network. A daughter of the Most High God, Rev. Belinda is the founder and president of Persistent Faith Ministries International, New York. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Rev. Belinda is also an acclaimed writer, a business strategist, technology consultant, entrepreneur, conference speaker and data privacy professional. Her background and training is in law, information technology and business. Rev. Belinda and her husband Dr. Ben are the senior pastors of GraceGate Church in Orange County, New York and founders of Orange County for Christ.