Rev. Belinda Enoma

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revbRev. Belinda Enoma is the Founder and President of Persistent Faith Ministries International – where we deliver the message of hope and persistence in faith to God’s people beyond church walls. She teaches God’s Word daily to the nations. She is a charismatic leader, visionary, a seasoned entrepreneur, provocative thinker and TV personality who has appeared and taught on internationally syndicated Christian television programs such as TBN Praise the Lord, TCT and The Harvest Show of LeSea Broadcasting Network.

Pastor Belinda serves as pastor of GraceGate Church in Orange County, New York. Founded in 2013, the church launched its weekly Sunday services in September that year and focuses on using biblical principles to empower, teach and reach the community.

Beyond the pulpit and as a featured conference speaker, she is a digital business expert and Editor-in-Chief of where she empowers people to rise up, run with relentless determination and finish strong.

She is the author of four books, The Bilhah Moment, The Exalted Horn, 7 Great Business Ideas You Never Thought Of, You Can Be Set Free. Her book, The Bilhah Moment tells the story of Jacob, Rachel and Bilhah and the revelation of that relationship in today’s decision-making and learning how to wait on God in quiet times.

Rev. Belinda was called by God into ministry in 2003 and is known as the purpose activator and destiny launcher who inspires men and women worldwide to walk in their purpose with relentless determination and be everything God created them to be.

In 2013, she launched the #iemancipateme movement – a series of declarations, webcasts and teleseminars to empower people to use their God-given gifts and talents, power and authority. Today, iEmancipateME is a sought-after empowerment conference tour transforming lives nationwide. Her sermons and audio nuggets are available on SoundCloud. Pastor Belinda has a law degree from Birmingham City University, England and an LL.M from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York.

You can connect with Pastor Belinda on Twitter and Facebook pages.

A brief message to you

I welcome you to Persistent Faith Ministries. We are located in the Hudson Valley area of New York  and we take the message of the Cross beyond church walls to the nations via conferences, seminars, workshops. We equip and empower the saints around the world [as many as the Lord will call] to live victoriously with persistence in faith.I am a testimony of God’s upholding right hand. When I started writing devotionals in 2001, I didn’t know that one day I’d be ministering to thousands worldwide. Sometime ago, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to post the Devotionals that I email to subscribers around the world on this website. People need a fresh Word from God and keeping it in mailboxes or just posting on Facebook alone was similar to, in plain terms, “seeing people in danger and leaving them there to perish.”So, on that note, I encourage you to read my blog posts and be uplifted in your spirit so you can be everything that God has ordained you to be. In my writings, I share personal experiences, seasons of drought, seasons of triumph, seasons of not-knowing, seasons of divine provision, periods of impartation, periods of silence. Whenever I teach and speak about persistent faith, it’s not from theory but from the Word of God with practical experiences.

As you read them, may the Lord impart to you more wisdom, knowledge and power in Jesus name.

Much love,
Pastor Belinda

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