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Welcome to Persistent Faith Ministries International with Pastor Belinda Enoma where we bring the message of hope to the nations.

Our message for the year is intentional visibility for maximum impact. You have done your own, focused on what matters to you. It’s time to do what matters to God. Children of God shall arise and shine their light brightly in every sphere of influence.



You Must Finish Your Assignment

Do not quit. It's not your portion to quit. Proceed. One of the tactics of the enemy is to scare the mess out of you, abandon your assignment and make you run for your life. Whenever I think of assignment completion, I am reminded of Luke 13:31-35, why we must be resilient and press on to …

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The Siege is Over, Get Up and Go

The man who was under siege by sickness for 38 years wanted to be healed but for so long there was nobody to place him in the pool at Bethesda to get well (John 5:1-9). When he tried, others got in before him and his suffering continued. Then he met Jesus and his life changed. Jesus told the man to …

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It is Worth It

Every man born on earth has a purpose to fulfill on earth. God has a plan and purpose for every living creature that breath and walks on the surface of the earth. Most times, God allows us to experience certain situations because of our purpose. Oftentimes, these experiences are not pleasant or …

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Faith is a Catalyst For Change

Are you believing God for something transformational to happen in your life? Do you know that faith is a catalyst for change? Do you know that your faith triggers deliverance and reverses situations that have plagues people for decades? In an atmosphere where healing is already activated, you …

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Why We Really Should Have Persistent Faith

Sometimes when I tell people to really have persistent faith, they think I'm just talking because it's good to talk. Yeah right! I remember when we were going through the valley of unemployment, despite the dreary situation we found ourselves in, we pressed on. Beloved, the devil thinks he can …

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Why Am I Not Healed?

It's no joke when you pray and pray and yet nothing happens. You wonder, "why am I not healed?" Right? Does this resonate with you: Why didn't I get healed? I'm a believer, tongue-talking Jesus follower, I bear no grudge against anyone and love people. I try my best to live a godly life, so why am …

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