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Welcome to Persistent Faith Ministries International with Pastor Belinda Enoma where we bring the message of hope to the nations.

Our word for the year is ENLIGHTENMENT, for the children of God shall begin to see things clearly, more than ever before. The light of God will shine in dark places and break forth suddenly where there has been no light. The light will set free. The light will reveal. The light will destroy yokes. The light will burn tumors in Jesus name.



Prayer Points to Arrest the Agenda of the Enemy

Before you begin these prayer points, I urge you to get your heart right with God. Ask God to cleanse your heart and remove any iniquity from you.  1. I come against the spirit of retrogression in Jesus name. You will not go back to depression. You will not go back to that terrible situation in …

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Lessons From Parable of the Two Sons

In the parable of the two sons in Matthew 21:28-32, the father told the first son to go and work in the vineyard. He refused at first but later changed his mind and went. The father told the second son to go and work in the vineyard, he said “I will sir” but the chap didn’t go. Lessons for the …

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You Must Finish Your Assignment

Do not quit. It's not your portion to quit. Proceed. One of the tactics of the enemy is to scare the mess out of you, abandon your assignment and make you run for your life. Whenever I think of assignment completion, I am reminded of Luke 13:31-35, why we must be resilient and press on to …

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Prayer Points Against Destiny Threats

These are prayer points to move higher and against threats to your destiny by Pastor Belinda at The Woman Conference New Jersey. We encourage you to attend our conferences. Prophetic words are released and you don't want to be absent. There is blessing in movement. Dear believer, don't be …

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Europe Missions 
Turin, Italy September 26th
Milan, Italy September 28th